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MAINTIENS TIBTOP : Livraison offerte en France métropolitaine

Welcome to the world of Innovative Protection

Welcome to the world of Innovative Protection

The company:

VBKAM is a company that has been set up to manage the production and distribution of Tibtop® shin guard
supports, protected by French patent and Community Trade Mark, property of Bakary KAMARA since 2001.

Made in France:

All VBKAM activities - production outsourcing and controls, assembly, personalisation, dispatch - are
carried out in France.

Tibtop® elastic support:

Genuine prize-winning (Lépine Concours 2004) innovation and designed on the principle of compression
elastic, with a view to providing an alternative solution to the use of adhesive medical strips (straps,
elastoplast or other), and wrapped under or over the sock. The Tibtop® support is used across the world by
hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional footballers and is the basis of the Tibtop® brand’s
reputation. Its value as a unique product is undeniable, despite the fact that it is often copied, but is never
equalled. The production techniques used in its creation provide the user with sufficient support without
cutting off blood supply! No more shin pads that slide around, no more cramps or socks that are damaged
by the constant application of adhesive strips and the associated glue residue that gets left behind... The
elastic support for Tibtop® shin guards complies with FIFA regulations relating to the use of tape or straps
applied over socks by offering a range of 11 colours that reflect the majority of existing football sock shades
(specific shades available on request depending on quantity required).

The Tibtop® shin guard:

In 2016; Bakary designed a shin guard under the Tibtop® brand name which was inspired by the very best
of what is available at the highest level of the game (professional football). The materials used give Tibtop®
shin guards the following properties:
- Protection: complies with the EC EN 13061 standard for the certification of articles intended for individual
protection in sport.

- Lightweight: one of the most lightweight on the market, weighing less than 42 grams, so it’s easy to forget
you’re wearing it and it causes no discomfort.
- Flexibility: one size design (approximately 15cmx10cm) with flexible and resistant hinges that are suited to
all morphologies.
- Comfort: extra-thin (6mm thick), and created using foam that is non-slip on the skin and is above all

The personalisation or customization of products consists of altering the existing product to reflect personal
requirements or desires. The main aim of customization is to make the product unique or bespoke and
thereby individualize the wearer. Tibtop® is interested in all personalisation techniques in order to then
make them available to users of their products. Personalisation has always been part of the DNA of the
Tibtop® brand.


Pierre-Emerick AUBAMEYANG: long-standing brand ambassador who has been using Tibtop® supports
since his earliest days at FC Rouen, followed by Milan AC, AS Saint Etienne and then Dortmund, right up to
today with his personalised Tibtop® shin guards at Arsenal FC.
Players across Europe and the world: ÖZIL (Arsenal FC England and Germany), BENZIA (Lille OSC
France), T.MEUNIER (Paris Saint Germain France and Belgium), MANZALA (SCO Angers France),
K.KAMARA (AO Xhanti Greece and Mauritania), BAUTHEAC (Brisbane Roar FC Australia), HOARAU (YB
Berne Switzerland), O.DEMBELE (FC Barcelona Spain and France), PASTORE (AS Rome Italy and
Argentina), DIAFRA SAKHO (Rennes France and Senegal) and others…

And next:

Through VBKAM, Tibtop® aims to “storm” the market for technology-based equipment targeted at
sportspeople who play football by equipping shin guards with intelligent, high performance electronic
components that allow the user (professional or amateur) to assess and analyse their performance and
skills in a serious and reliable way. Through the development of new services that deploy new Big Data
technologies, VBKAM plans to enable players to monitor their progression in a precise and accurate way or
to compare their sporting abilities with those of great players or their friends. This will help them improve
and optimise their training and playing level safely...
Something to keep an eye on in the future...

Pictures of professional footballers loyal to Tibtop :