Where are Tibtop shin guards manufactured?
All TIBTOP products (shin guards and supports) are made in France.

Which materials are used?
Shin guards are made from polycarbonate that is unbreakable under normal football training and playing conditions.
The foam that is in contact with the skin is non-slip and hypoallergenic. Its closed cells prevent the development of any bacteria, which can often be the cause of redness and itching.

Are Tibtop shin guards certified?
Yes, TIBTOP shin guards conform to the European standard 13061, which guarantees a reduction in trauma on impact. (European regulation on equipment for individual protection.)

Which size should I choose?
TIBTOP shin guards are one size. Its proportions have been designed to fit all morphologies, any leg length and
diameter. They measure 15.5 cm in height and are flexible in terms of width. They offer ideal coverage for a child’s leg
and are perfect for adults looking for a good level of protection without resorting to a shin guard that is too
heavy and bulky. With their minimal weight (42g per leg) and thickness (6mm), you won’t even know that you’re wearing shin

How should I keep my shin guards in place?
The foam on the shin guards is non-slip. This ensures optimal maintenance of the position, but sweating can
make the shin guards move slightly by the end of the match. For this reason we recommend using TIBTOP shin
guard supports that can be positioned on the sock and ensure that the shin guard stays in place throughout the
game or training session.

How should I look after my TIBTOP shin guards?
After use, wipe them down with a damp cloth and leave to air dry.
Do no expose them to extreme temperatures.

Will the visual on my shin guards last over time?
The material used to create the visuals on the shin guards is very resistant. It is similar to that used for creating designs on cars and is covered with a transparent protective film in order to reduce scratches as much as
possible. If used and looked after as recommended, the visual will not degrade over time.

Which visual should I choose for my shin guards?
The “personalised creation” option allows you to create your own visual using photos, logos, texts, names, numbers etc... If you are using an image that doesn’t belong to you, you need to make sure that it is free of any copyright restrictions.
The customer assumes total responsibility for the use of the elements used to make their personalised creation.
TIBTOP reserves the right to refuse to incorporate litigious or incorrect elements.

Can I exchange my personalised shin guards?
The personalised shin guards are one-off items created only for you. Therefore it is not possible to exchange
personalised shin guards.

Are shin guards guaranteed?
Yes. The shell and the foam are guaranteed for a year. Only normal use will be taken into consideration for the
purposes of this guarantee, which excludes any damage resulting from negligence, modification or incorrect
use of the product.


Where are Tibtop shin guard supports manufactured?
Just like the shin guards, TIBTOP supports are made in France.

Which size should I choose?
We offer two different sizes of support. Junior, which is 7 to 8 cm high, and Adult, which is 11 cm high.
The Junior size, which is much narrower, is recommended for children up to the age of 11.
TIBTOP shin guard supports have been designed to hold your shin guards in place without affecting blood
circulation. They are made with material that is similar to elastic support garments.

How should I look after my TIBTOP shin guard supports?
We recommend that you wash your supports by hand, but if you’re not feeling up to that and can’t persuade your mum, wife or little brother to do it, then you can wash them in the washing machine on a low temperature.
Do not tumble dry.